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This is a short to-the-point Super Affiliate Machine review I decided to write because I think SAM can go really well hand in hand with Crowd Force.

What is Super Affiliate Machine?

Super Affiliate Machine is a niche site building tool that produces sites earning anywhere from 500 to 2k USD. It is based on APC Reloaded which is one of the most successful products on niche marketing ever sold on the Warrior Forum.

Does SAM work?

The ridiculous amounts of proof provided by Austin Anthony and Devin Zander can’t lie. SAM works like gang busters. You can check many many income reports on here.

Here is a video Super Affiliate Machine review you can check out. It contains a live walkthrough by an actual user. It’s a bit long but worth it if you are really interested in investing in SAM:

How SAM and Crowd Force can work together?

It’s pretty easy to imagine how you can use SAM if you have access to Crowd Force. Use Super Affiliate Machine to research and build high-converting niche affiliate sites targeting profitable keywords that are easy to rank for.

Then use Crowd Force to reach your target audience wherever it might be. The bonus effect of Google rankings will come but commissions will have already started flowing in.


SAM is a really well-coded piece of software that can help you set up an army of small profitable affiliate niche site. Even if each one makes you not 500 but $50, you are looking at a substantial income if you build one website per day for 30 days.

The price for the unlimited sites version is also a steal and you can use SAM to manage your feeder sites (if you know what that is :)).

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ALERT: The doors to Crowd Force will SLAM shut at MIDNIGHT tonight (Friday).

There will be no ‘re-open’.

It’s now or never…

If you haven’t had a chance to seriously consider this yet, I recommend you look now before it comes down:

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***** Reason #1 *****

Traffic = Money. Simple as that.

And this tool guarantees laser-targeted traffic, which makes online income absolutely inevitable.

***** Reason #2 *****

You get UNRESTRICTED access for LIFE.

Even if you don’t need to use this right now, it WILL come in handy at some point in the future, and when it does, you’ll have it at your disposal!

***** Reason #3 *****


Automation is KEY to accelerated business growth. And Crowd Force delivers you with power-house automation AND hands-off traffic streams.

Not only can you leave this running silently in the background, but you can ALSO give access to outsourcers and team members (and if you don’t have a team now, when you DO have one this will be a very handy feature).

***** Reason #4 *****

No experience required!

This software is dead-easy to use, and you’ve ALSO got a full set of training videos, user manual, and support desk at your disposal.

This is designed to be simple, and it is.

***** Reason #5 *****

You risk to miss my Crowd Force bonus

I will teach you basically how to rank in the search engines based on real-life experience with the least amount of work possible. I am still working on putting it together just for you and I can’t guarantee I will offer it ever again because it’s how I earn my bread and butter.

Let me tell you this: I am ranking and making money on this launch with an EMD (which “don’t rank anymore quickly”). It took me 1 week to hit page 1 with around 7 backlinks. It took me 8 days to hit page one for “watch super bowl online”. I have client sites ranking in the most competitive markets you can think of (does ED drugs tell you something…). Bottom line, I know stuff.

This is an incredible opportunity no matter whether you are a newbie, someone who wants to make more money from an existing project… or even if you’ve got ‘dead and forgotten’ projects that you want to resuscitate with a flood of traffic.

Like I say, the doors close tonight, if you *THINK* you might want to get access to this, then check it out right now or you will miss out.

>>> All the details are here: Click Here to Check Out Crowd Force

Here is again my video review for you to check out:


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  • And MUCH more…
This will be MUCH more than your average webinar.

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Here is a short video preview you check out in the meantime:


Since most of you seem to be looking for a concise overview/review of Crowd Force, here is again what you are getting in a nutshell (you can read my full review down below if you are looking for more details):

  • A software that drives ENGAGED traffic directly to your sites and that only people who paid upwards of $1.5k had access to unti now and that you are getting at a 95+% discount… literally.
  • A backlinks solution that delivers high-quality links from relevant locations for whatever niche you can think of. Ex: Ecommerce, Local, CPA, PPS, PPL, Amazon, etc…
  • A SUPPORTED piece of software that’s got 40+ updates in the past 2 years. It has been around for that long!
  • Proven to work 100% of the time without any annoying bugs like the ones you see if you buy IM software usually.
  • Compatible on PC and Mac as well since it runs on the Adobe Air framework.
And here is what it will allow you to achieve realistically without the usual hype:
  • Find tens, hundreds, if not thousands (depends on you niche) of sources you can funnel traffic off of directly and free of charge. Don’t be under the mercy of Google again. Have your eggs in different baskets.
  • Build what’s called self-liquidating backlinks, which are the best kind of backlinks you can get out there. Very few people are familiar with the concept of self-liquidating backlinks and you don’t really need to know what that is if you build links using Crowd Force. You will be getting the benefit that comes with them automatically.
  • You don’t need proxies to run it and you won’t have Google locking your machine for a while for excessive searches.
  • You can set up a different access info for your VAs. And this is the kind of work that can be easily outsourced.
Over $56k have been spent on improving Crowd Force in the past two years and it continues to improve as more people use it and report on what can be improved. But Aidan and the guys behind Crowd Force are capping the number of available spots at this rock-bottom discount price:

1000 Spots ONLY are for grabs. Once gone, Crowd Force is most likely gone forever!

Don’t miss this opportunity to take advantage of the research and over 65k invested by a team of top internet marketers at a ridiculous over 95% discount.

buy Crowd Force


My Crowd Force Bonus

New Bonus Added:
In coordination with Aidan Booth and the guys behind Crowd Force, I could snatch another bonus deal for you. I you get Crowd Force today, you will get:
Crowd Force Bonus Image

Crowd Force is launching as I am writing this and I wanted to make it clear what I am offering as a bonus for the those who buy through this link.

I will not try to fool you with an endless list of junk PLR products that are worth thousands if not millions of dollars. Because truth is there are worth a s**t (sorry but that’s the truth).

Most these products are written by guys who don’t really know what they are talking about. They are just rewriting trash they are finding on forums and in other products based on theory.

I am offering a bonus that’s basically distills my 5-year experience with SEO for my own websites and for clients of all kinds in a series of videos that lay it in front of you: How to get rankings on demand even in the toughest niches out there.

I am putting the videos together as we speak because I respect people that put their trust in me and buy based on my recommendations. I truly believe Crowd Force is a huge value at $47 and I want to make it even more valuable with the video series I am shooting right now. I want to offer you real value.

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Crowd Force Review

In this post, I am going to review Crowd Force by Aidan Booth, Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey really in depth to answer the most important question you have right now burning inside you: Should I buy Crowd Force or should I pass this opportunity?

What is Crowd Force in a nutshell?

Crowd Force is an pretty unique traffic generation software that has been exclusive to Trinity Code which was a high-ticket ($2k+) training program put together by the same guys. It allows you to uncover and monitor direct traffic sources/pockets you can tap into at will. Plus, it helps you generate high quality relevant backlinks as an added benefit if you have the right infrastructure in place to take advantage of this feature.

Here is a video demo that shows the software in action:

CF will be taken off the market on December 19th. If you want to get your hands on it, then do it while you can.

What does it actually do and how does it work?

Here is what it actually is without the marketing salt and pepper:

The so-called traffic pockets are actually conversations happening in real time around your niche or product. These can happen in forums, blogs, social media site… etc. The problem with leveraging these conversations to get traffic is actually identifying opportunities as they arise and keeping things organized. The last thing you want to happen to you is getting lost in the endless stream of conversations and losing the overview. This will result in a decreasing productivity and missing better opportunities.

Google Reader in conjunction with Google Alerts and a couple other sites used to help with the process. But Google Reader, like many other Google services, is dead (seems big G is fan of killing projects). Crowd Force is here to make things look better, more organized and help you stay on top of your game.

Believe me when I tell you, you can make more than a full-time income from the visitors you get by getting into conversations related to your product or the one you are promoting as they are really hot. CF helps you achieve just that.

There is no sorcery behind CF. In fact, there is another similar piece of software on the market. It costs $199 though. At $47 CF beats it on all fronts!

The Icing on the Cake

As you are getting into conversations on active platforms, you will be getting relevant backlinks that get clicked. Google can detect that and gives extra weight to links that pass visitors and not just PR or link juice. This will result automatically in more Google love to your site. The only condition is having the technical stuff in check of course.

So, thanks to Crowd Force, you will be getting direct traffic from day 1 while waiting for the juicy search engine traffic to start pouring in pretty soon too. An search engine traffic is KING!


  • Helps you drive traffic to your sites from day 1.
  • Help build the right kind of backlinks that won’t get you bitten by a Penguin or an evil Panda.
  • Automates otherwise-tedious time-consuming tasks.
  • Well-coded lighting-fast interface.
  • Compatible on PC and MAC thanks to the Adobe Air platform.
  • Life time access with updates for a one-time-fee.
  • Stellar customer support.
  • Iron-clad money back guarantee


  • $47 might look expensive (although the alternative would cost $199)
  • Does not focus on teaching how to leverage the backlinks built correctly to get better rankings (which I am taking care of in my bonus!)

Verdict – Should you buy Crowd Force

If you have your own product or are an affiliate marketer looking for hot traffic and are not willing to wait for your SEO efforts to bear fruits (assuming they do at some point), then I truly believe Crowd Force will help you get traffic quickly if you put in the necessary work. In fact, if you are looking for targeted traffic no matter what you want to do with, then you should consider getting this nifty piece of software while you can.

Click Here to Learn More About Crowd Force

Here is the video format of this Crowd Force review if you are more into video:


How Crowd Force Works

Crowd Force is launching pretty soon, on December 15th 2014 and with the date approaching many people are starting to look for a review or at least a demo since it’s a piece of software.

My Crowd Force review is coming soon. In the meantime, here is a short video demo shot by Aidan Booth himself. Make sure you watch it till the end. It’s not that long:


Crowd Force is a traffic generation software but traffic doesn’t mean anything if you can’t transform it into actual revenue or at least a specific action. This article covers the most important aspects of a good converting landing page and you should apply these principles if you want to get the most out of Crowd Force.

Top 3 Characteristics Of A Good Converting Lead Page

In general, a good landing page is one of fundamental elements for successful conversions. It’s what will move the visitor to your website down the funnel and hopefully, convert them into a lead. But for your page to serve its purpose well, there are several qualities it needs to have. Here are the top characteristics of good converting lead pages.

1. Great headline & sub-headline

Your headline should not only capture the interest of users but it should also convey a clear message about your brand and products/services. First and foremost, you need to get the wording right. A good headline should be short, concise and precise – between 6 and 10 words are good but certainly less is better. Secondly, it should be very clear. Your visitor should understand the message at first glance.

When it comes to the sub-headline, you should use simple words that persuade the viewer to scroll the page and, eventually, take the call to action. The good thing here is that you have some more space, so aim to provide some more detail & depth about your brand. Tell the potential customers why you’re the best.

2. Proper use of images

Great converting pages have perfect images. As a rule of thumb, the image you select should help further boost the message about you and your brand. It should be able to illustrate exactly what you’re offering, and it shouldn’t be abstract or arbitrary .Most importantly, it should be relevant to what you’re offering your visitors , whether a physical product or service . The image you choose should also be unique and of the highest quality possible. That way, you’ll appear credible in the eyes of the visitors and they’re likely to respond to your call to action.

3. Good Call to Action (CTA)

This is obviously the key element in a converting lead page as it’s what creates the conversion when clicked. Believe it or not, the ideal CTA should be a button. Why? Internet users have come to expect the call to be a button, meaning that an attempt to use anything else would likely cause confusion. People know exactly what buttons do, so be sure to stick to that. Your CTA should also be noticeable and stand out in the page. To achieve this, you should create a button that’s big enough so that viewers can hover their mouse over it with little difficulty. Additionally, select a unique color that sets it apart from the content of your page but, while doing this, make sure it matches the color scheme of your page.

Here is an interesting video on conversion you should take advantage of when implementing Crowd Force into your strategy:


Welcome to Crowd Force Review dot ORG

Hey there,

My name is Houssem and I welcome you to this small website dedicated to review Crowd Force by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton.

What made me decide to start this project is the unconventional traffic generation way that this new software is trying to automate and streamline. And although traffic generation is a hot topic in internet marketing, not every method is suitable for everybody.

Should you buy Crowd Force? Is it the right traffic generation software for you? Is it worth the financial investment?

This blog’s goal is answering the three questions above.

But I will be putting together a Crowd Force bonus that will allow you to get your traffic generation to a whole new level. So stay tuned.

Here is a video in the meantime featuring Aidan Booth, one of the creators of Crowd Force with another internet marketer: